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UC Davis Store - Downtown

About the UC Davis Stores - Downtown Store

Shopping for UC Davis merchandise is much more convenient. UC Davis Stores, which operates the four UC Stores and other outlets, opened its newest location in the heart of downtown Davis. The new 4,200-square-foot store opened in early June at the southwest corner of Second and F streets.

The newest store is tailored for downtown shoppers, offering a mix of gifts, apparel and convenience items. Core offerings include Aggie Pride wear, UC Davis and City of Davis branded souvenirs and gift merchandise, plus a variety of fare including a complete line of school and office supplies, greeting cards, sundries, and convenience items. Plans include a convenient delivery service for special orders in the downtown area.

Also offered will be a screen embroidery customization service to add logos, names, mascots, and more to clothing and other.

The UC Davis Downtown Store conveys a sense of the university in décor and offerings, featuring the official blue and gold colors and products that present the full spectrum of the UC Davis experience. It also showcases products from the university’s new “Good Life Collection” for example, which includes items that highlight UC Davis’ tradition of improving our everyday experience from the food we eat to the integration of art and culture in our lives.

UC Davis scarves are one of the “Good Life Collection” product lines. These are high-quality decorative silk scarves that incorporate faculty and student artwork from UC Davis’ collections into their design. Until recently, the scarves have been produced only on a limited basis, but they are expected to be available for retail sale when the new store opens.

Our “Campus Grown” line of products emphasizes the sustainability mindset of UC Davis. This line includes UC Davis Olive Oil and new olive oil body products – olive oil based soaps and facial products made from olives harvested from trees on campus. Campus-grown products also include handcrafted wooden bowls, utensils, vases, and cutting boards made from UC Davis trees that required rigorous pruning or removal for health and safety reasons.

The downtown store is the third largest of seven University Stores and the group’s first new store since the 2004 addition of the ARC Pro Shop, which is located in the Activities and Recreation Center on campus.

Operating hours will be subject to change as the store begins operation, as the goal of the store is to make it convenient for the downtown shoppers. Currently, hours are projected to be Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., and Sunday from noon until 5 p.m.